Network Norwich is going electric!

The first of our brand-new zero-emission buses have hit the road, as part of a wider project to fully electrify our Roundtree Way depot, replacing its diesel vehicles with 70 electric vehicles.

The introduction of the new buses will mean that by March 2024 over half of our Norwich services will be electric. That is over 60% of all bus journeys through Castle Meadow in the city centre.  

The new buses will give a significant boost to the city’s sustainability credentials and mean cleaner air for residents and visitors, as they produce zero tailpipe emissions. The buses will also offer users a quieter and smoother ride, and include free WiFi and USB chargers.

To fund the purchase of the vehicles, First Bus and Norfolk County Council secured an investment of £14.7m from the Department for Transport’s Zero Emission Bus Regional Area (ZEBRA) government funding. The grant is matched with around £23m of funding by First Bus.

Check out our launch day video below!

Which routes are they operating on?

Pink Line 11/12

Green Line 14/15/16

Orange Line 21

Red Line 23/24

Blue Line 25/26

Click here, or the picture below to download a handy flyer with all the info you need!