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No matter how often you travel, you’ll save money with one of our great value passes…available at exclusive prices to all students at City College Norwich or Easton College.

And it's more convenient when you buy on the FREE First Bus App

Your pass lets you use our buses whenever you like, as much as you including weekends, evenings and half term holidays…ideal for college, a trip to the shops, meeting your mates and much more.

Ticket Prices for 2023/24 college year

Norwich Zone

Valid on all Network Norwich buses, and Coastlink X1|X11 buses as far as Acle, Coastlink X2|X21|X22 buses as far as Beccles & Worlingham and excel buses as far as Dereham/New Scarning.

Solo 1-term - £150

Autumn 1/2 Term - £95

Download a map of the Norwich Zone

Explorer Zone

Valid on all buses all around the east coast, plus up to and all over Norwich.

Solo 1-term - £190

Autumn 1/2 Term - £115

Download a map of the Explorer Zone

Excel Zone

Valid on the full length of our excel service towards Swaffham, Kings Lynn and beyond (please note that Dereham is included in our Norwich Zone).

Solo 1-term - £180

Autumn 1/2 Term - £110

Download a map of the Excel Zone

Network tickets

Valid on all buses in Norfolk & Suffolk operated by First Eastern Counties.

Solo 1-term - £215

Autumn 1/2 Term - £127.50

Solo 1-Term tickets are valid for the duration of each of the Autumn Term 2023 (04/09/23 – 21/12/23), Spring Term 2024 (02/01/24 – 28/03/24) & Summer Term 2024 (12/04/24 – 19/07/24)

You can buy the tickets above at exclusive City College Norwich prices in either of the following ways:

1...Direct to your smartphone as an mTicket on the First Bus App

Available to download today from your app store.  Simply set up an account, buy your ticket and confirm your CCN email address within 28 days.

Apple store travel app link Android store travel app link

For help with getting started, see the step by step guide below.

2...From the First Travel Centre on Castle Meadow

Just take along your CCN student ID or offer letter when you go in to get your ticket.  We're open Monday - Friday 0930 to 1330 and 1430 to 1630.

It’s really easy to buy your City College Norwich ticket using our FREE First Bus App.  Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be ready to tap, show & go!

1) Download the app from your app store

Apple store travel app link Android store travel app link

2) Create an account by entering some simple details.  You’ll need to register this to your City College email address in order to let us know that you’re a student at the college and that you can have access to these great prices.

If you don’t have this yet then it’s fine to use your normal email address to start with but you will have to change it to and confirm your CCN address within 30 days to keep your ticket active.

Unfortunately, if for any reason you can’t confirm your email address in this time your ticket will be cancelled and you will be charged the full price for the equivalent Adult FirstMonth ticket plus an admin fee.

3) Select the area called ‘Eastern Counties Communities’ from the list available.  Then select ‘City College Norwich’...Easton College students should also choose the City College Norwich option.

4) Choose and buy your ticket following the simple steps within the app.  A parent or carer can also buy the ticket for you at this stage, using their credit or debit card.

5) When you’ve purchased your ticket it will appear in your ‘Ticket Wallet’.  Then, simply open the app, open the wallet, tap on the ticket and show the screen to the driver every time you get on the bus.

You can download a 6 step guide to buying tickets on the First Bus App here!  Just don't forget to include the steps above to buy your exclusive CCN ticket.

A couple of things we should mention...

If you upgrade to the latest snazzy phone at any time whilst your ticket is still valid then we can move your ticket to your new phone.  Just download the app onto the new device and the rest is automatic.  Of course, the same applies if you lose your phone - we can transfer it to your replacement in a matter of seconds.

Oh, and just so that you know…if your phone is out of battery, broken, left at home or lost, you’ll have to buy a ticket from the driver to get on the bus.