2-Trip ticket

Our 2-Trip ticket is a cheaper alternative to buying 2 single tickets or a day ticket when you know you only need to catch 2 buses in a day within your chosen zone.

Drivers will only be able to sell a 2-Trip to cover from your origin to your destination and back again. You can scan your ticket for the second trip as long as it's by 4.29am the following morning. 

You can also by a 2-Trip mTicket on the First Bus app that has no distance restrictions and can be used on any 2 services. You'll receive two single tickets that must be activated within 24 hours of purchase, so only buy one 2-Trip ticket each day. As with any mTicket, just scan your ticket under the ticket machine reader when boarding the bus.

Fares from 9 July 2023 Adult 16-21 year old/student Child aged 5-15
Bath £3.80 £3.20 £2.00
Bristol £3.80 £3.20 £2.00
Weston-super-Mare (All Zone) £3.40 £2.80 £1.70
Weston-super-Mare (Inner Fare) £3.20 £2.60 £1.60
West of England* £3.80-£4.00 £3.20-£4.00 £2.00

* Fares are dependent on section boundaries, some journeys may cost more than the base rate. For more information see page 28 in the new ticket guide.