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You probably already know that Bath is a great city to be a student in.- so why not make the most of this beautiful city by jumping on our buses and exploring it?

We've got great services to the University of Bath, plus a network of buses that go pretty much everywhere else you'll need to go.

Service U1: University of Bath - Bathwick Hill - City Centre - Oldfield Park

Bath Unibus Service U1 is your best option for getting between the University of Bath, the City Centre and Oldfield Park. It's a high frequency service,so it's the perfect choice for your time in Bath.  We also operate a reduced frequency U1 service during the university holidays, so you will always have a bus to campus.

U1 timetable - Summer 2023 - valid until Thursday 21st September 2023

U1/U2 timetable from 22nd September 2023

Service U2: University of Bath - Oldfield Park

Bath Unibus Service U2 runs between the University and Oldfield Park during the University term time.

U1/U2 timetable from 22nd September 2023

We run over 20 bus services in Bath, so whether you're going to university, the city centre, cinema, supermarket, train station or visiting friends - we've got it covered with routes going all over the city.

Bath network map from 3rd September 2023


We've got a fantastic range of student tickets - there's something to suit your needs however often you use the bus. The range includes singles, 2-Trip, Day, Week, Term and Semester tickets. University staff can also buy at these prices on production of valid staff photo ID.

If you're only travelling on the U1/U2, the easiest way to pay is with Tap On, Tap Off. If you travel on these two services you'll be capped at the student Bath Zone prices for a single, 2-Trip, Day or Week depending on how much you travel. Please note, if you use any of our other services in Bath, this will incur the adult fare charges.

Tap On, Tap Off

If you're not sure which ticket to buy, you can Tap On, Tap Off on the U1/ U2/ U5 and only pay the student fares. Just tap your contactless card when you board the bus, and tap the same card/ device when you leave, we'll work out the fare for you! Please note, if you use Tap On, Tap Off on any of our regular services in Bath, this will incur the full adult fares.

The Whole Package 

Allows travel on our Bath Uni Bus service U1 & U2 plus over 20 First Bus services in the Bath Zone. To view a map showing which services are included please click here

Bath Fare Zone

Student/staff fares* 
Uni Year (21 Sept 2023 - 2 June 2024) £430
Autumn Term (21 Sept 2023 - 17 Dec 2023) £195
Spring Term (6 Jan 2023 - 31 March 2024) £195
Summer Term (13 April 2023 - 2 June 2024) £89
Semester 1 (21 Sept 2023 - 28 Jan 2024) £250
Semester 2 (3 Feb 2024 - 2 June 2024) £235

Our University of Bath Uni Year ticket (Bath Zone) works out at just £1.71 per day (calculated at 253 days of operation between ticket start and end dates). 

Bath Zone Tickets 

Allows travel on any service in the Bath Zone including Bath Unibus Service U1 & U2. To view a map showing which services are included please click here

Bath Fare Zone Student fares from 9 July 2023
Single £1.70
2-Trip £3.20
Day £4.80
Week £18.80
Month £67.10
Year £672.80

West of England tickets 

Allows travel on any service in the West of England Zone including Bath Unibus Service U1 & U2, plus services in Bath, Glastonbury, Street, Wells, Weston-super-Mare and Bristol. 

West of England Zone Student fares from 9 July 2023
Single From £1.90 to £2.00 depending on the distance travelled

From £3.20 to £4.00 depending on distance travelled

Day £5.30
Week £24.00
Month £76.00
Year £840
Uni Year (21 Sept 2023 - 2 June 2024) £485

*on production of valid University of Bath student/staff photo ID card

All students get a discount off our Adult Single, 2-Trip, Day and season ticket prices with valid student ID (University of Bath Student ID card).

Where to buy?

You can buy your university bus tickets from the following places:

Via mTickets on the First Bus App allowing your bus ticket to be purchased and used on your smartphone. 

  • Search for ‘First Bus’ in your app store and download the First Bus app
  • Select ‘Bristol, Bath & the West’ area
  • Press mTickets from the bottom menu, then Bristol, Bath and the West and then Bath
  • Click on Buy at the top and then select 2-Trip, Day, Week, Month or Month+. Choose the Student ticket you need.
  • You will be asked to set up an account, please complete the requested details.
  • click Continue and you will be asked to confirm you are a student. 
  • Select a payment method to purchase your ticket 
  • You can either use it straight away or move to the wallet to use later
  • When you want to travel, activate your ticket and then scan the QR code on the bus.

Apple store travel app link Android store travel app link

From the driver of any First Bus in Bath: Single, 2-Trip, Day or Week

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