T's & C's

We have a standard set of terms and conditions that apply to all types of tickets that you can find here.

In addition, there are two specific conditions that apply to tickets issued for UEA Students which apply over and above our standard terms and conditions.  These are:

  1. No refunds or replacements will be offered for lost, stolen or defaced tickets except where a prior arrangement exists between UEA and FEC where applicable or as defined in point 2 below.
  2. The UEA agree to assist FEC in the prosecution or other appropriate action against any individual(s) fraudulent use of tickets issued under this scheme.  
  3. Leavers refunds apply to annual passes only – pass holders who leave in the first month of ticket issue will be permitted a refund of 11/12 (eleven/twelve) of ticket value.  Refunds not permitted after first month has elapsed.