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Norfolk County Council have announced that a new fare cap will be introduced on the 31st of March 2024, meaning that all single journeys made within our Great Yarmouth Town Zone will be capped at just £1.50. The zone includes Caister, Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Bradwell, Belton, and Burgh Castle.

For full details, and to read their press release, please click here.

This fare cap is funded by HM Government’s Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) to enhance local bus services for residents.

Some of our other fares are also changing...

In addition to the above, in line with current inflation, we're making some minor increases to some fares from Sunday 31st March 2024.

The new advertised prices are displayed in the table below, but customers in Norfolk can still take advantage of Norfolk County Council's 25% off offer on all Weekly, Monthly, and Group tickets.

Ticket Type


 Young Person 

Coastal Day Ticket



Coastal 5 Day Summer Special

Group High5: £45.00

Explorer Day Ticket



Ten Trip - Great Yarmouth Town



Ten Trip - Lowestoft Town



Ten Trip - Felixstowe Town



Ten Trip - Alde Valley



In addition to those, we will also be increasing our single/return fares that are beneath the current Government £2.00 fare cap. These haven’t changed since January 2022. 

Adult Singles

 Current Price   Price from 31st March 
£1.30 £1.50
£1.50 £1.70
£1.80 £2.00

Adult Returns

Current Price   Price from 31st March 
£2.10 £2.40
£2.40 £2.70
£3.00 £3.20
£3.50 £4.00

Young Person Singles

Current Price   Price from 31st March 
£1.00 £1.10
£1.20 £1.30
£1.30 £1.50

Young Person Returns

Current Price   Price from 31st March 
£1.50 £1.80
£1.80 £2.00
£2.20 £2.40
£2.60 £3.00
£3.40 £3.50