• Location
    Countesswells Road
  • Effective
    20/02/2024 - 22/02/2024

Countesswells Road will be closed between Springfield Road and Airyhall School heading to Countesswells from 19:30 on 20 February until 15:30 on 22 February.

Service 15B heading from Seafield Road to Countesswells
From the last stop before the traffic lights:
• left onto Springfield Road
• right onto Craigton Road
• continue along Craigton Road (bus will not serve Airyhall)
• resume normal service

Service 15B/15S heading from Countesswells to City Centre
Normal service

Service 15S heading from Hazlehead Academy to Airyhall
From Springfield Road:
• right onto Craigton Road
• right onto Airyhall Avenue
• left onto Countesswells Road
• return around the roundabout
• right onto Airyhall Avenue and resume normal service

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