A vision for public transport in North East Scotland

 Nestrans and its partners Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and the North East Bus Alliance, are working to develop the concept of a rapid transit system.   

 As a member of the North East Bus Alliance it is our aim for Aberdeen Rapid Transit (ART) to deliver a next-generation transport system, helping establish the North East as a revitalised, inclusive, sustainable and better-connected place in which to live, work, study and visit. 

 We aspire for ART to provide fast, frequent and reliable services. This could be achieved through a combination of dedicated bus lanes, off board fare collection, fast and efficient boarding and alighting. It is our aim for ART to provide high-capacity and high-quality vehicles, and journey times competitive to car, to provide an attractive way to travel, being accessible and easy to use. 

 Our vision is for a cross-city network of ART priority routes that connect people to the places they want to go to: key education, employment, healthcare, retail and leisure destinations; the airport and rail station, as well as the city centre.

 In 2021, Nestrans and partners submitted a bid to BPF with £12 million awarded to date (£10 million for South College Street bus priority enabling measures and £2 million to develop the business cases and designs for ART).  We hope that this work results in continued funding which would enable delivery of ART, subject to formal approval by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Council committees.

 Over the coming months you will have the opportunity to help shape the ART scheme to ensure it best meets the needs of the city and its surrounding communities.

To find out more about the project and to help define what ART is, visit www.aberdeenapidtransit.org