Young People in Scotland aged under 22 are entitled to free bus travel

  • To access the scheme you must apply for a new National Entitlement Card (NEC) card.

  • Those aged between 5-15 must have a parent, guardian, or carer apply for a new NEC card on their behalf. Those aged between 16-21 should apply themselves.

  • It’s important that you apply for your new NEC Card in order to access the travel scheme, as old Young Scot Cards will not be accepted, and you will be required to pay your fare as normal.

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The Young Scot is a free card for all young people aged 11-26, created by the Scottish Government, Young Scot, local authorities and other organisations.

Users of the Young Scot card can access discounts from a wide range of retailers and services, including bus travel. 16, 17 and 18 year olds are eligible for a third off adult single fares on all local and long distance bus services available to the general public in Scotland.

How it Works

All ticket machines on First Aberdeen buses recognise Young Scot cards. This means that any 16-18 year old with a Young Scot card can simply scan the card on the ticket machine. This lets the driver know that they are entitled to 1/3 discount on any adult single fare.

Not all bus services in Scotland are able to recognise the Young Scot card. Where ticket machines on other operators' services don't recognise Young Scot cards, 16-18 year olds have to apply for a Bus Concessions Card to access 1/3 discount on board. Users need to show their Bus Concessions card to the bus driver when buying a ticket to get a third off an adult single fare.

Users of First Aberdeen services no longer need to apply for a separate Bus Concessions card.
Please note that tickets utilising the young scot discount must be paid for by cash - exact fare only.

To find out more about this scheme and how you can benefit please visit - or call 0808 801 0338.