• Location
    Bridge Street
  • Effective
    21/04/2024 - 22/04/2024

Bridge Street will be closed heading from Guild Street to Union Street from 15:00 on 21 April until 15:30 on 22 April.

Services will divert as follows:
Services from Music Hall/Union Terrace towards Bridge Street

Service 13 heading from Hillhead/Seaton
From Adelphi:
• continue up Union Street (service 23 bus stop will be served)
• resume normal service from Music Hall

Services 1B,20 heading to Dubford/Hillhead
From Guild Street:
• continue to Wapping Street and back onto Guild Street
• left onto Guild Street
• left onto Market Street (1B stop opposite Wilsons Bar will be served)
• right onto Union Street

Services 3,12,15 heading from Market Street to Bridge Street
Continue onto Market Street then:
• left onto Union Street
• Service 15 uses the 23 stop and then resumes the normal route
• Services 3,12 right onto Union Terrace and resume the normal route.

Nearest stops will be:

Service 13 heading to Scatterburn – Adelphi

Service 1B,20 heading to Dubford/Hillhead – Market Street, Adelphi, Castle Street

Service 3,12,15 heading to Union Terrace/Music Hall – Market Street (Service 15 uses 23 bus stop Union Street)

Service 3,12 Union Terrace

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