• Location
    Blackfriars Street/St Andrew Street
  • Effective
    01/07/2024 - 21/08/2024

Blackfriars Street/St Andrew Street one-way heading to Northfield 01 July – 21 August

There will be a one-way restriction on Blackfriars Street and St. Andrew Street corridor, between its junctions with Schoolhill and Charlotte Street. The permitted direction of travel will be northbound and eastbound (heading to Northfield) from 07:00 on 01 July until 18:00 on 21 August.

Service 12 heading from Torry to Northfield
Normal route

Service 12 heading from Northfield to Torry
From Skene Square:
• temporary stop beside Woolmanhill Hospital will be served
• 3rd exit onto Skene Street
• left onto Rosemount Viaduct
• right onto Union Terrace and resume normal route.

The nearest stops are the temporary stop at Woolmanhill Hospital and Union Terrace

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