Changes from March 31st 2024

Following a review of our fares, we will be freezing the majority of our tickets. 

From March 31st 2024, changes will come into effect to some of our fares. However, we have worked to ensure that these increases remain below cost price inflation.

For customers purchasing tickets through the innovative Tap On Tap Off payment method ticket prices will remain at current rates, including Single and Day tickets. This means that those using the contactless method on board only pay for the specific journey as fares are capped at the cheapest option for the route.

On-board, or First Bus App Two-Trip, Day Ticket Bundles, Week and First4Week tickets will all also remain the same price while Single, Day and First12Week+ tickets will see a below cost price inflation increase by 3% from 31st March.

This means that those who typically purchase Single and Day tickets can switch to Tap On Tap Off as their payment method, and will therefore not see an increase in the ticket price.

The announcement comes as we continues to invest in our customers and services; adding more buses onto the road to meet demand, improving punctuality, and increasing the number of zero emission electric buses in our fleet.

For more information on Tap On, Tap Off; please click here.

Please see below an overview of fares in place from 31st March 2024.

Single Tickets

Ticket Type

Old Price New Price

Available on Bus Only

Adult Single  £1.95  £2.00
£2.85 £2.95
£6.15 £6.35
Child Single £1.45 £1.60
Job Seeker Single City / Local/Network 50% off  50% off

Available on App Only

2-Trip 24hrs City / Local (2 singles) £5.00 £5.00
2-Trip 24hrs Network (2 singles) £6.10 £6.10
Flexi 10 City / Local £24.40 £24.40
Flexi 10 Network £26.20 £26.20
Night Bus Single City / Local £3.20 £3.30
Night Bus Single Network £4.30 £4.45

Under 22s are Free To Explore!

5–21-year-olds living in Scotland are entitled to free bus travel by simply applying for the updated NEC card. 

You can apply online for your NEC card to travel free of charge ➡

First Day Tickets

Ticket Type

Old Price New Price

Available on Bus and App

Adult Day City / Local £5.40 £5.60
Adult Day Network £7.25 £7.50
Student Day City / Local £4.60 £4.70
Student Day Network £5.70 £5.90
First Day 9/9A £3.90 £4.00

Available on Bus Only

Child Day £2.50 £3.00

Available on App Only

Family Day City / Local £9.70 £11.00
Family Day Network £12.95 £15.00
First Day Alexandria £3.90 £4.30
First Day Dumbarton £3.90 £4.30
First Day North Lanarkshire £4.00 £4.50
First Day Partick QEUH £3.65 £3.80
Adult 6pm + City / Local Day £4.30 £4.45
Adult 6pm + Network Day £5.40 £5.60

Flexible Day Ticket Bundles - Available on App Only - Price Freeze!

Ticket Type

3-in-7 Bundle

5-in-7 Bundle 15-in-28 Bundle
City / Local £14.70 £18.60 £55.00
Network £19.10 £24.00 £68.70
City / Local £13.10 £16.40 £46.40
Network £16.40 £20.20 £58.90

First Week Tickets

Ticket Type

Old Price New Price

Available on App and Bus

Adult Week City / Local £20.40 £20.40
Adult Week Network £26.70 £26.70
Student Week City / Local £18.00 £18.00
Student Week Network £22.90 £22.90

Available on App Only

Adult Week North Lanarkshire £16.00 £18.00

Available on Bus Only

Child Week Network £9.80 £10.50

First 4 Week, 12 Week & Year Tickets

Ticket Type

Old Price (Available on App only)

New Price (Available on App only)
Adult 4 Week City / Local £61.80 £61.80
Adult 4 Week Network £77.40 £77.40
Student 4 Week City / Local £54.70 £54.70
Student 4 Week Network £66.40 £66.40
Student 12 Week City / Local £131.00 £135.00
Student 12 Week Network £175.50 £181.00
Student Fist Year City / Local £440.00 £455.00
Student First Year Network £545.00 £565.00

First Unlimited - Price Freeze!

The most convenient way to pay monthly for your bus ticket and save money!

Ticket Type

Price (Available on App only)

First Unlimited City / Local £54.00
First Unlimited Network £65.40