We're proud to celebrate our Zero Emission Mission 2035 efforts at First Glasgow.

Clean air is essential for our health and our well-being as well as being good for the planet which is why we're continuing to work hard to improve our buses and depots across Scotland.

We’re continuing our sustainable travel roadmap by expanding our electric fleet. Our Caledonia Depot, the largest electric charging station in the UK, has the space to charge a whopping 300 buses!

Not only does our Caledonia site charge our fleet, but we’re helping other organisations in the city on their own decarbonisation journeys.

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Glasgow's Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

From 1 June 2023, Glasgow's Low Emission Zone is now in force. The introduction of the zone is essential to reduce pollution levels in the city centre and improve air quality. 

Drivers of older, non-compliant vehicles entering the City Centre zones will be impacted.

Why not consider bus as a solution? Car users can make the switch to bus as a sustainable and low-emission option while travelling in and around the city centre. 

Full details on Glasgow's LEZ can be found here

We've created a Kids Activity pack full of fun activities involving our new sustainable fleet designed to suit the abilities of P1 through to P7. Click the image to view, download or print at home! 

Want to know what changes we're making across our Scotland depots? 

First Glasgow: Electric Fleet

We're committed to improving air quality in our communities, whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Our new fleet of fully electric buses will save a whopping 4.4 million litres of diesel (that’s 55,000 bathtubs worth) and will remove 10,082 tonnes of CO2 per year!

Reasons to leave your car at home and travel by bus

Clean Air: By travelling by bus you are helping reduce congestion, and car emissions in local communities. 

Make an impact: Just one bus can take up to 75 cars off the road, easing congestion and air pollution.

Every Journey counts: If everyone switched just one car journey a month to a bus instead, that would mean up to a billion fewer car journeys, saving two million tonnes of CO2!

Make the swap: Replacing car journeys with public transport can help reduce CO2 emissions by 42%, creating a cleaner, greener Scotland.
Free Time: Relax with a podcast, make plans for your free time or get a head start on your day while you travel by bus. Improve your health: by walking to the bus stop you’ll be improving your health by being more active getting in the recommended 30 minutes of exercise. 

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