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Tap On, Tap Off (TOTO)

TOTO, as we call it, offers the ultimate flexibility. Simply 'Tap On' with the driver when you board, and 'Tap Off' when you leave the bus using our second card reader on board. We'll calculate your fare based on the distance you travel. The more you tap, the more you save.

  Two-Trip (Return)* Day Week
City or Local Zone £5.00 £5.60 £20.40
Network Zone £6.10 £7.50 £26.70

 *If using TOTO, the journeys must be travelled on the same calendar day for the price cap to be applied.

TOTO is only available on First Glasgow services. 

Find out more about TOTO here.

Two Trip 24hr Tickets

We've reviewed the usage of our current Day Tickets, and realised that many people only travel twice. The Two-Trip 24hr ticket offers a value-for-money solution for those only planning to travel twice in one day. This ticket, available on the First Bus App will issue two single tickets into your ticket wallet, which must be used within 24 hours from the time the first ticket is activated. The Two-Trip 24hr ticket can also be purchased on bus.

Two Trip 24hr
  First Bus App
City/Local £5.00
Network £6.10

Flexible Day Ticket Bundles

Following a detailed analysis of passenger and purchasing data, our new Flexible Day Ticket bundles offer a solution to suit hybrid working and the end of the traditional commute. Better value for customers who currently purchase a weekly, or monthly ticket and do not travel every day. In new options of 3-in-7, 5-in-7, and 15-in-28 bundles!

For example, those currently purchasing a First4Week ticket who end up not travelling every day due to a hybrid working pattern, can save money by buying a 15-in-28 instead and still retain the comfort and peace of mind of buying once a month. 

  3-in-7 bundle 5-in-7 bundle 15-in-28 bundle
City/Local £14.70 £18.60 £55.00
Network £19.10 £24.00 £68.70
City/Local £13.10 £16.40 £46.40
Network £16.40 £20.20 £58.90

FirstDay - Unlimited Travel for One Day

Remember, we operate across 3 Zones in our Greater Glasgow network. Find out more about the right zone for you here.

First Day Ticket
  On Bus App
City/Local £5.60 £5.60
Network £7.50 £7.50
Child Single
Network £3.00 N/A
City/Local £4.70 £4.70
Network £5.90 £5.90
Family (App Only)
City/Local £11.00 £11.00
Network £15.00 £15.00

FirstWeek - Unlimited Travel for One Week

FirstWeek Tickets
  On Bus App
City/Local £20.40 £20.40
Network £26.70 £26.70
Network £10.50 N/A
City/Local £18.00 £18.00
Network £22.90 £22.90

First4Week - Unlimited Travel for 4 Weeks

First4Week Tickets
  On Bus App
City/Local N/A £61.80
Network N/A £77.40
City/Local N/A £54.70
Network N/A £66.40

Local FirstDay Tickets

Local FirstDay Tickets

  App only
FirstDay Lanarkshire Adult


FirstWeek Lanarkshire Adult


FirstDay 9/9A Local Adult (App and On Bus) £4.00
FirstDay Dumbarton Local Adult  £4.30
FirstDay Alexandria Local Adult £4.30
FirstDay Partick - QEUH Adult  £3.80
6pm plus-Adult-City or Local £4.45
6pm plus-Adult-Network £5.60

Single Tickets

Adult single prices;

On bus & App