First Bus on board with the Terriers

We’ve partnered with Huddersfield Town AFC to help connect people to the club they love by offering cheap and easy travel to matches. 

The aim is to help reduce the carbon footprint of football fans by encouraging greater sustainability among supporters, with a long-term view to introduce a number of beneficial initiatives. Our ultra-low emission buses help to cut carbon and exhaust emissions, improve air quality, and reduce traffic congestion in the city. Why not try getting to the next match by bus?

Which bus ticket to buy

  • £2 FirstSingle can be used for a single bus journey anywhere across West Yorkshire
  • £6 FirstDay Weekend Group can be used for unlimited travel by up to 5 people all day
  • Tap on Tap off for every journey and we’ll work out the fare for you

£3 match day travel

Get to the game with our Match Day ticket.

How to purchase your discounted ticket:

  • Step 1 - Download the First Bus App
  • Step 2 - Head to the 'Tickets' tab and select 'Buy'
  • Step 3 - Check your area is 'Halifax, Calder Valley & Huddersfield'
  • Step 4 - Click into 'Promotions' and choose 'Match Day - Huddersfield' 
  • Step 5 -  Enter the promo code 'TERRIERSMATCH' and buy your ticket(s)
  • Step 6 -  Activate your ticket(s) before you travel

NOTE: The promo code is only valid to use on home match days

Download the app

Apple store travel app link Android store travel app link

VIP Experience Winners

Thank you to all those who submitted an application to win a VIP experience at The John Smith's Stadium. We'd like to congratulate our winners for their stories and hope they have a great time at the game.


Jake was a "Junior Knight" for Huddersfield Town as a child where he would fundraise for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. One year he walked from Huddersfield to Hillsborough (Sheffield) to raise money. Following this, he worked closely with the club to set up Walk for Pounds, an annual charity walk which now has thousands of participants.

He took his recently engaged friend alongside some family members to enjoy the match day together for a well deserved treat!


This single parent was incredibly grateful to receive the VIP experience and shared it with her dad, brother and sister. They are her biggest support network who are a great help with her severely autistic son so it was a well-earned treat for all. 

Anonymous: "At football I feel a sense of freedom that I don’t find often in life."