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Our tickets cheaper, simpler, fairer and more flexible to help you get where you want to be.

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How often do you travel each week?

How many trips do you make each day?


With lower priced singles for many from as little as £1.60* and £1.80* to the NEW capped Single – £2.00.
Price of your Single ticket is dependent on distance travelled. 
Our simple £2 flat fare mTicket is still available on the First Bus App.
*Only available when purchased with Tap on Tap off or Pay-as-you-go MCard.


With our on-bus readers, you can Tap on and Tap off each journey and enjoy ultimate flexibility, paying only for what you use and never paying more than a max Day ticket rate of £4.50. What's more - keep using the Tap on Tap off service throughout the same week to unlock greater daily discounts!

No more area boundaries - we only have one set of tickets valid for travel across all of West Yorkshire.


Our Return tickets are available alongside our traditional Day, Week and Month tickets, to ensure our customers are paying the fairest price.

  • Perfect for when you only need to make 2 trips in a day; save money and avoid purchasing our Day ticket.
  • Return tickets are available for £4 and can be purchased on bus with cash or contactless.

More flexible

Take advantage of our Flexi range including 3, 5 and 13-day tickets, allowing you to choose how many days to travel and over what period!

  • FirstWeek ticket for £22
    Unlimited travel for 7 consecutive days from as little as £3.14 per day or £1.04p per trip!**
  • 3-Day Flexi ticket for £13.50 (valid over 5 consecutive days - available via the First Bus App).
  • 5-Day Flexi ticket for £18 (valid over 8 consecutive days - available via the First Bus App).

Month tickets - our best value tickets for customers travelling regularly!

  • FirstMonth ticket for £80
    Unlimited travel for one calendar month from as little as £2.58 per day* or 86p per trip!**
  • FlexiMonth ticket for £52 (valid for unlimited travel on any 13 days within a 30 day period).

Local tickets

  • Holmfirth & Meltham train connect tickets
  • Combine your bus and train travel into one ticket and save £££ compared to buying separately!
To Manchester Adult Child
Peak Day Return  £22 £11.90
Off peak Day Return £18 £10.50
7 Day Season ticket £75 £32.50
To Dewsbury Adult Child
Peak Day Return £10 £5.50
Off peak Day Return £8 £4.90
7 Day Season ticket £40 £16
To Leeds Adult Child
Peak Day Return £14 £6.75
Off peak Day Return £12 £4.75
7 Day Season ticket £45 £17


On Bus Cash


First Bus App

Tap on Tap off (TOTO)
Single Ticket
✓ (£2)
New Return Tickets
Day Tickets
Week Tickets
Month Tickets

* Based on a 31 day month.
** Based on 3 trips per day.