From Monday 11th March, we'll be welcoming our Revenue Protection Officers on board our buses in the Potteries.

Our revenue protection officers will be regularly riding on our bus network to ensure everyone is travelling with a valid/ correctly issued ticket. Any tickets purchased from the driver must be retained throughout the journey, and any tickets on our First Bus App must be valid and ready to show.

When travelling, please have your ticket ready to show - this might be:

  • A valid printed ticket for your journey
  • A valid ticket on the First Bus App
  • A valid ticket on any partner apps, for example PlusBus or D & G Bus
  • A valid smartcard 
  • Your concessionary bus pass 
  • The credit/debit card or the contactless device you used for Tap on Tap off journeys
  • Any other valid travel document

You must also be ready to show any ID associated with your travel ticket, for example your student ID.

If you're unable to show a valid ticket to travel or the required ID for your ticket our Revenue Protection Officers will issue a standard fare charge of £50.