Tap on Tap off check your payments

The easiest, most flexible way to pay for your travel

No need to choose the ticket to buy upfront, simply tap on with the driver and tap off on the dedicated reader as you get off on every journey and we'll automatically work out the best fare on our buses. Available on all First buses in the Potteries.

You'll still be charged the new affordable fares >> rates on tap on/tap off, but you'll only be able to travel on First buses. If you need to travel on other operator's buses, ask your driver for a Smart ticket.

Works with any valid debit or credit card and Google Pay & Apple Pay.

How it works

  • When you tap on and tap off, we'll automatically calculate the single fare for your journey
  • If you only make one trip, you'll pay the single fare - if you make several trips in one day the price you'll pay will be capped at the day ticket price
  • If you travel several days in a week, the price you'll pay will be capped at the weekly ticket price
  • We'll work out where you've travelled, so you'll only be charged for travel in the boundary you have used


If you've more questions check out our FAQs >> or drop us a line >>

Ticket prices updated from Sunday 25 September 2022