You can access your payment history here >>

No, all prices you'll pay are exactly the same as if you bought the ticket from your driver.

Not yet - when all operators in Potteries are using the system it will work for Smart tickets, but for now it's just First tickets. You can still buy Smart tickets in the normal way.

The system is currently only designed for adult tickets. If you want to purchase a young person ticket, ask the driver for the ticket you need and don't put your card on the reader until they ask you.

You'll be charged the single fare to the end of the journey of the bus you were travelling on - so please remember to tap off! We all make mistakes, so if you need any assistance please drop us a line >>

No, one of the benefits of the system is it is paperless. If you need a receipt you can access your payment history here >>

Yes, your payment history is linked to your card or device so make sure you use the same one each time you travel. If you have your payment method set up on your mobile through Apple Pay or Google Pay, make sure you stick to one method - if you switch to your card, it will be treated as a new payment method and you might not benefit from the price caps.

If you've made a purchase on board that was subsequently declined by your bank unfortunately your card will be automatically blocked by our system. Once any outstanding amounts are settled by your bank, your card will be automatically unblocked - until this happens you'll need to pay with an alternative method.

Yes, you can still purchase your travel through our app - ideal if you already know your travel plans or you want to take advantage of our longer term season passes.

Yes, that's no problem. Just explain to our driver once you've tapped on for yourself.

No, concessionary pass holders just need to tap on as normal.