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This time last year, we listened and learned exactly what you wanted from your bus service in Leeds. So for our first LeedsCity anniversary, we’re celebrating all the changes we’ve made.


  • Introduced contactless payments, so you never need to worry about having the right change.
  • Ensured all the new buses had free WiFi, so you can stay connected all the way.
  • Added USB charging ports, so you can charge your phone as you go.
  • Added Next Stop Announcements, so you always know when it’s your stop.
  • Combined our First Bus Apps, so you can now plan your journeys and buy your tickets all in one place.

Since then...

  • Megan, Yas and Lauren and you have made an extra 13,000 journeys each week on our 1, 6, 8, 27, 28 & 29 LeedsCity services compared to last year.
  • Since introducing our ultra-low emission buses, NO2 levels in Headingley have fallen.
  • 66% of students now use contactless to pay for their single ticket.
  • 75% of journeys are pre-paid before boarding the bus. Download the First Bus App to pay for your ticket in advance.

With loads of great benefits and features, isn’t it time you got on board too?

Cheaper on the First Bus App - download for free today

If cheaper tickets are something you’re looking for, then our First Bus App is the one for you! We’ve frozen the price of tickets purchased via our app to encourage quicker boarding and ticketing times.

The app is easy to use and available for free via the App Store and Google Play. Simply download the app, register, select from a variety of tickets, and navigate the secure payment system. Once the payment section is complete, bus tickets live in a virtual wallet ready for you to show the driver.

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