Our revenue protection officers will be regularly riding on our bus network to ensure everyone is travelling with a valid, correctly issued ticket. Any tickets purchased from the driver must be retained throughout the journey, and any tickets on our First Bus App must be valid and ready to show.

You should ensure you are in possession of a valid ticket or other proof of entitlement to travel for your entire journey. These include:

  • A valid printed ticket from the driver
  • A valid ticket on the First Bus App
  • A valid ticket on any partner apps, such as MCard
  • A valid smartcard
  • Your Senior Bus Pass or Blind and Disabled Pass
  • The credit/debit card or the contactless device you used for Tap on Tap off journeys
  • Any other valid travel document

You must also be ready to show any ID associated with your travel ticket, for example your student ID, 16-18 photocard, or U19 photocard.

If you're unable to show a valid ticket to travel or the required ID for your ticket our Revenue Protection Officers will issue a Standard Fare charge of £50. This must be paid within 21 days. Failure to pay within the 21-day period will result in further charges and the possibility of a County Court summons being issued against you. To set up a payment plan for your standard fare charge, or to appeal your charge, click here.

Should you be caught travelling with a forged ticket then the police will be called, and we will always press for a criminal prosecution. We also reserve the right to reclaim any lost revenue through the civil courts.

The Company's officials (including Revenue Protection Officers) are authorised to charge Standard Fares to passengers:

  • Found without a ticket, pass or permit
  • Travelling to a point beyond that paid for
  • Misusing pre-paid tickets / mobile tickets
  • Travelling on child tickets when aged 16 and over
  • Travelling at discounted fare without the required photocard / student ID
  • Misusing concessionary or student travel passes
  • Failing to comply with our Conditions of Travel in respect of payment

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.