Travelling to Derbyshire? Why not try our 272 service?

Our range of First South Yorkshire tickets* offer unlimited travel on our services around South Yorkshire, including on our Derbyshire Peak District service 272 which can take you all the way from Sheffield City Centre, to Castleton.

* First South Yorkshire Day, Week, 4Week and Annual tickets 

You can also purchase tickets specifically for our 272 service which are valid on both First Bus and Hulley's services. These are available to buy on-bus and are listed below:

Ticket Ticket Price Range*
Adult Single from £1.30 - £3.50
Adult Return** from £3.20 - £6.50
Child Single from 70p - £1.80
Child Return** from £1.60 - £3.30

* please note that ticket prices will vary depending on how far you travel with us on these services

** both Adult Return and Child Return tickets will also be accepted on the Hope Valley train service between Sheffield, Hathersage, Bamford and Hope or Castleton.

Need to check out the route before you travel?

To see a map of the 272 route, please click here.

Hulley's Ticket Acceptance

Hulley's will accept any First South Yorkshire area tickets* (not First Sheffield area tickets) along with the single and return tickets as mentioned above, on their 271/272 services. 

* please note this does not include any Group tickets, Student tickets and any Multi-journey tickets, including Child Multi-journeys