New bundle tickets from First Bus

Our range of day ticket bundles are perfect if you need some flexibility in your bus travel. 

Just in the office three days in a week or maybe you only use the bus Monday to Friday? However you travel, we've got the ticket to suit you.

Bundle tickets are available exclusively on the First Bus app, just activate each ticket on the day you need it and use them all before your bundle expires. There's no need to use them on consecutive days. Each day ticket is valid for unlimited travel from the first service of the day to the last! The following Day Bundles are available:

  City Zone Cost per day Network Zone Cost per day
3 days in a 5 day period £11.70 £3.90 £18.80 £6.27
5 days in a 7 day period £15.50 £3.10 £23.00 £4.60
6 days in a 20 day period £22.60 £3.77 £36.80 £6.13
10 days in a 20 day period £38.00 £3.80 £50.00 £5.00
12 days in a 40 day period £47.00 £3.92 £70.40 £5.87
20 days in a 40 day period £70.00 £3.50 £78.00 £3.90