We know that some questions regarding our services and tickets are more popular than others so to try and provide customers with quick answers to these frequent queries we have listed the key questions below.

If your question isn't listed, or you need further information please contact us.

What are the facilities for wheelchair users and passengers with buggies?

Many of our buses can accommodate the majority of wheelchair styles; for full details please contact our Customer Services team on 0345 646 0707 before you travel.

We are also able to carry buggies on the majority of our services.

I use your buses regularly - can I save money on my travel?

Yes! We offer a wide range of tickets, providing unlimited travel across our network in Southern Hampshire. Simply visit our tickets page for more information and choose the best ticket for your journey type.

Why didn't my bus arrive on time?

We strive to provide a service that is 100% reliable; unfortunately there are factors beyond our control which can result in some buses arriving late. Such factors include roadworks, diversions, road closures, heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions.

When there are major problems it can affect all routes, not just those directly on the problem. The reasons for late running can often be at the other side of your town/city or as a result from an earlier incident. We do account for peak-time traffic in our schedules, but unfortunately cannot take into account unexpected problems.

We know how frustrating it is when your bus arrives late. You can be assured we are doing all we can to get your bus to you on time - we post major known problems on our website but if you are concerned about your service please contact us and we will investigate where possible.

At what age do children need to pay a fare?

Children under the age of 5 travel free on our services, children aged over 5 and under 16 are eligible to pay the appropriate fare. After a child reaches 16 they pay the full adult fare.  For more details please contact our Customer Services team on 0345 646 0707.

I paid my fare but my driver could not give me change, why is this?

Our drivers have a limited float with which to give change - unfortunately this can be easily exhausted if one or two passengers pay for low value fares with a note of high denomination, especially at the start of a driver's shift but we do avoid providing our drivers with higher floats for security reasons.

If you usually purchase a FirstMonth ticket from your driver, why not buy your next one at your local First Travelshop? Visit our Where to Buy page to find your nearest one because by purchasing your ticket before you board you can shorten your boarding time and if more and more passengers do this then boarding times should be much quicker.

Why have you changed my route/timetable?

We are constantly reviewing our network to reflect changing travel patterns and demands. Your route or timetable may change because of a reduction in demand or because the resources will see greater use elsewhere on our network. We never change a route or timetable lightly, and consult with relevant local authorities whenever possible.

My bus is always full?

We have a wide range of vehicle types and aim to provide space for everyone who wishes to travel on every journey. We monitor all of our services and where demand exists for extra journeys aim to provide them where possible.

We try to keep all of our services on schedule but delays including those caused by roadworks or adverse weather conditions can result in a change of passenger boarding; more boarding a later bus than their usual one, so a usually quiet bus may become very busy.

Why did your driver not wait for me?

Please accept our apologies if it appears our driver left without you. Driving a bus is a difficult job and your driver had probably already committed to their manoeuvre so therefore was not safe for them to stop and/or pull back into the stop. Please remember when a bus is pulling away from a stop our drivers have to be aware of everything around them, including the traffic they are merging with, so they may not see you.

Never attempt to board a moving bus, this is very dangerous and not worth the high risk of injury especially as many of our services are high frequency so if you have missed your bus another one will not be far behind.

Why do I see buses saying 'Sorry Not In Service'?

This can be for a number of reasons. We provide extra buses at busy times so you may see buses heading to their starting point (or returning to depot at the end of shift). If we are experiencing delays, we may send buses empty to the other end of a route to ensure that everyone along the route is still provided with a service. Our buses undergo regular maintenance so you may also spot one of our engineers running a test.