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Our UniBws network is designed around the needs of Swansea's students, with connections between Singleton Campus, the City Centre and Bay Campus.

We're bringing cheap and easy travel to students in Swansea thanks to our UniBws services. Our great range of money-saving fares will cut the cost of getting to lectures, going out with friends and shopping on the weekend. Enjoy cheap, reliable and quick 15 minute journeys into the City Centre from either campus and buses up to every 7 minutes or less. 

Our UniBws network is made up of 4 routes that offer comprehensive links across the City and between campuses. You can also enjoy your journey knowing that you're doing your bit for the environment thanks to our fleet of modern, stylish and comfortable Euro 6 rated buses. 

Your UniBws Network

Service 90

Linking Bay Campus to Swansea Bus Station, Swansea Train Station, True Student Accommodation and Student Roost.

Service 90A

Linking Bay Campus to Swansea City Centre, Student Roost and Fabian Way Park & Ride at peak times.

Service 91

Linking Singleton Campus to Sketty & Uplands, Swansea Bus Station and Bay Campus.

Service 92

Linking Singleton Campus to Swansea Bus Station, Student Roost, True Student Accommodation and Swansea Train Station. 


To view a map of the entire network map, click here!

Annual & Term Ticket Offers

If you're going to be using the buses regularly during your studies, the cheapest way to pay for travel is to take advantage of our annual or term tickets. These offer unlimited travel on First Cymru services, not just Campus to Campus buses! Check out the prices below and buy your tickets on the First Bus app, let's go!

Apple store travel app link Android store travel app link

Ticket Type

Standard Fare

MyTravelPass** Fare

Term 2

(for travel 06 January 2024 - 24 March 2024)



Term 3

(for travel 13 April 2024 - 09 June 2024)



Student Year

(travel for 12 months from date of purchase)



Student Summer

(for travel 10 June 2024 - 22 September 2024)



Student January Intake

(for travel 06 January 2024 - 22 September 2024)



Student Term 3 & Summer

(for travel 13 April 2024 - 22 September 2024)



 Annual & Term Ticket Eligibility Area

Our annual and term tickets are valid on ALL First Cymru bus services which operate in the area outlined on the map below:

Other Student Ticket Offers

Using the buses less often? We still have some good deals for you to take advantage of! Check out our range of other student tickets below:

Ticket Type

Standard Fare

MyTravelPass** Fare

Student Single

(valid on all one-way travel on any service within the Swansea Bay ticket area)


(only available to buy on the bus)


Student Day

(valid for an entire day on any service within the Swansea Bay ticket area)

Please note, you will need to present a valid student ID card when purchasing this ticket and boarding.



Student Flexi-5

(a bundle of 5 student day tickets valid for an entire day on any service within the Swansea Bay ticket area)

Please note, you will need to present a valid student ID card when boarding.



**For MyTravelPass (MTP) discounted travel, a valid MyTravelPass must be shown to the driver along with the mticket for travel or the ticket is not valid and a fare will be required. See for more details.

Payment Methods

You can use cash or contactless, Apple Pay or Google Pay if you're buying tickets on board from our drivers, or mTickets (mobile tickets, available on the First Bus App) You can buy tickets up to the value of £45, quickly and securely on board. If you're paying for your ticket using cash, please try your best to have the correct fare available.

We have introduced new features on our First Bus App. You can now track where your bus is and see how many seats are available on board, including the wheelchair space. By using the app you will be able to track the capacity on board the bus before you get to the bus stop.

Mtickets (mobile tickets) can be bought directly on the app or on our website and transferred to a designated mobile device. This is to allow parents or carers to purchase the tickets/passes on behalf of their children and send them directly to their mobile phone. The First Bus app is available on both android and apple systems. 

We have also introduced Tap on, Tap off across our UniBws network which offers the best value tickets for those currently purchasing single and return tickets. For more information on Tap on, Tap off click here!

UniBws Timetables


90: Bay Campus - Bay Campus Via City, Train Station & Student Roost


90A: City Centre - Bay Campus Via Fabian Way Park & Ride


91: Singleton Campus - Bay Campus Via Uplands & City


92: Singleton Campus - Singleton Campus Via City, Student Roost, True Student Accommodation & Train Station