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3: Hanley (City Centre) - Crewe (Bus Station)
3A: Hanley (City Centre) - Talke Pits


4A: Hanley (City Centre) - Kidsgrove Via Festival Park - Newcastle - Chesterton
4: Hanley (City Centre) - Waterhayes Via Festival Park - Newcastle - Chesterton


6A: Hanley (City Centre) - Blythe Bridge Via Longton - Meir - Meir Park
6: Hanley (City Centre) - Coalville / Parkhall Via Longton - Meir


7: Hanley (City Centre) - Kidsgrove Via Smallthorne - Chell - Packmoor
7A: Hanley (City Centre) - Biddulph Via Smallthorne - Chell - Brown Lees


8: Hanley (City Centre) - Ball Green Via Smallthorne - Norton


11B: Hanley (City Centre) - Bentilee Via [Circular]
11: Hanley (City Centre) - Newcastle Via Bentilee - Longton - Stoke


18: Hanley (City Centre) - Leek Bus Station (Leek Link) Via Baddeley Green - Endon


21: Hanley (City Centre) - Trentham (Pacific Road) Via Stoke Station - Stoke - Trent Vale


22: Newcastle - Longton Via RSUH - Trent Vale - Trentham - Blurton


23: Hanley (City Centre) - Newstead Via Stoke Statioin - Stoke - Heron Cross - Blurton