Portsmouth, Fareham & Gosport Tickets 


You can now purchase your ticket online and have it sent directly to your mobile, it's a great way to start your mobile journey with us - find the perfect m ticket for you and see just how easy it is to Tech The Bus when you download our app

If you still have a valid paper season ticket here are some FAQ’s which you may find helpful

I bought my season ticket online last week, will I still be able to use it?

Yes, we will continue to accept valid season tickets until their expiry date

Who should I speak to if I need more information?

You can contact our Customer Services Team on 0345 646 0707

This does not affect the purchase of Rail Air tickets which are still available online

Students can also buy their tickets online and have the option of annual, term or academic year period tickets.  You may need a photocard or First Photo ID to go with your season ticket but this will be detailed when purchasing your ticket.

Havant and South Down Term tickets are now available on our app please follow this link

Don't wait for your ticket to arrive by post. We'll send your ticket straight to your mobile phone.

Choose 'To Mobile' as your delivery method to get your ticket straight to your phone. Use it immediately or when you are ready — mobile tickets could even save you money.

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