We've introduced some changes to fares in our Solent network from 4 December, offering greater flexibility and value when you travel by bus.

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What's New?

  • New Flexible Ticket Bundles
  • New Multi-Day Ticket Bundles

Please view our Customer Guide on changes to our fares here.

Following a detailed analysis of passenger and purchasing data, our new Flexible Day Ticket bundles offer a solution to suit hybrid working and the end of the traditional commute. Better value for customers who currently purchase a weekly, or monthly ticket and do not travel every day. In new options of 3-in-5, 5-in-7, 6-in-20, 10-in-20, 12-in-40 and 20-in-40 bundles, only available on the First Bus App!

How does it work? As an example if you currently purchase a monthly ticket but do not travel every day, you can now save money by purchasing a 20-in-40 ticket bundle. You can then travel for 20 days within a 40 day period.

Bundle 3-in-5 5-in-7 6-in-20 10-in-20 12-in-40 20-in-40
Portsmouth £12.00 £17.00 £23.45 £38.00 £45.50 £66.00
Hampshire £20.00 £25.00 £39.60 £54.00 £70.00 £100.00
Eclipse £13.80 £19.50 £27.20 £40.40 £50.20 £82.00

 We will also be introducing new multi-day tickets in our Portsmouth and Hampshire zones, which you can purchase via one of our friendly drivers. 

  3-Day 5-Day
Portsmouth £12.00 £17.00
Hampshire £20.00 £25.00

Joining our current 10 Trip ticket will be a brand new 2 Trip ticket, which is only available on the First Bus app.

  2-Trip (NEW) 10-Trip
Portsmouth £4.50 £24.00
Hampshire £6.00 N/A

First Day - Unlimited Travel for One Day

Travel all day with unlimited trips in your chosen zone with our Day Portsmouth, Hampshire and Eclipse tickets.

First Day ticket
  On Bus mTicket
Day - Portsmouth - Adult £4.90 £4.90
Day - Hampshire - Adult £7.80 (no change) £7.80 (no change)
Day - Eclipse - Adult £5.50 (no change) N/A

First Weekly - Unlimited Travel for One Week

Travel all week with unlimited trips in your chosen zone with our Weekly Portsmouth, Hampshire and Eclipse tickets.

First Weekly ticket
  On Bus mTicket
Weekly - Portsmouth - Adult £19.00 £19.00
Weekly - Hampshire - Adult £27.00 £27.00
Weekly - Eclipse - Adult £22.50 (no change) £21.50 (no change)
Weekly - Waterlooville - Adult £13.50 £13.50

First Monthly and Unlimited - Unlimited Travel for a month

Travel all month (31 consecutive days) with unlimited trips in your chosen zone with our Monthly Portsmouth, Hampshire and Eclipse tickets. These tickets are only available via our app.

First Monthly ticket
  First Monthly First Unlimited
Monthly - Portsmouth - Adult £66.00 (no change) £62.70
Monthly - Hampshire - Adult £100.00 £95.00
Monthly - Eclipse - Adult £82.00 (no change) £77.90
Monthly - Waterlooville - Adult £50.00 (no change) £47.50

If you're part of a Commuter Travel Club scheme your ticket will go up to match the monthly ticket. For example, if you currently get 10% off the Monthly - Portsmouth - Adult ticket, from the 4 December 2022 your new ticket price will be £59.40. Offering fantastic value for money. 

Return Tickets

Adult return prices will decrease or increase as follows;

First Portsmouth Return Tickets
Current price New price
£2.00 £1.90
£3.50 £3.20
£4.00 £3.90
£4.50 £4.70
£5.00 £5.50
£6.00 £7.10
£6.50 £7.80
£7.00 £8.60
£7.50 £9.40

There are no changes to single, child, student Bus & Ferry and family tickets.