Leeds City on board with the Knights

We’ve partnered with Leeds Knights to help connect people to the club they love by offering cheap and easy travel to games. 

The aim is to help reduce the carbon footprint of ice hockey fans by encouraging greater sustainability among supporters, with a long-term view to introduce a number of beneficial initiatives. Our ultra-low emission buses help to cut carbon and exhaust emissions, improve air quality, and reduce traffic congestion in the city. Why not try getting to the next match by bus?

How to get to Planet Ice by bus

  • 51 towards Morley and get off at Elland Road, Heath Road
  • 52 towards Morley and get off at Heath Mount
  • 55 / 55C towards Cottingley and get off at Heath Mount
  • Download the First Bus app to plan your journey 

Which bus ticket to buy

  • £2 FirstSingle can be used for a single bus journey anywhere across West Yorkshire
  • £6 FirstDay Weekend Group can be used for unlimited travel by up to 5 people all day
  • Tap on Tap off for every journey and we’ll work out the fare for you

Download the app

Apple store travel app link Android store travel app link

Charity Shop Challenge

We challenged Leeds Knights teammates, Cole and Josh, to buy each other a complete outfit with a budget of just £20.
They scoured the charity shops around Leeds City Centre to find sustainable fashion pieces for each other to wear. Throughout the day they realised that you can find some quality items in second hand stores while feeling good about helping the environment and supporting charities. 
How well do they know one another? Watch the video to find out...

How to catch the bus