We've introduced 'Tell First Bus' so you can tell us how you feel about travelling with us in Cornwall and to help us to improve our service.

Our online feedback form is available 24/7 and you can access it on any device here. And to prove that we really are listening, have a read below about some of the great changes we're making in Cornwall based on the feedback YOU have given.

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We did…

First buses look tired and old. We continue to invest in our fleet and last year bought 30 new buses for Cornwall, a £7.5 million investment. We've now taken delivery of a further 41 brand new buses which represents a further multi-million pound investment in Cornwall’s public transport network in partnership with Cornwall Council. Keep a look out for the shiny new ones! We are also investing heavily in better vehicle wash facilities in both Penzance and Summercourt to keep everything looking clean and smart.

On Mondays it takes ages to board the bus with everyone buying weekly passes.

We have now introduced contactless payments on all our services to speed up boarding time and increase convenience to passengers.

First buses look tired and old.

We continue to invest in our fleet and last year, bought 30 new buses for Cornwall. We've got more new vehicles due for delivery soon so keep a look out for the shiny new ones! 

It's frustrating when you're waiting for the bus and don't know when it's actually going to arrive.

We've recently upgraded our ticket machines and worked with Cornwall Council to provide live arrival information to our roadside customer displays. The Council are in the process of rolling out new roadside displays and cascading the existing signs to additional locations, broadening the reach of roadside real time information to more customers.

You can also use our journey planner App for real time information meaning you don't need to head to the bus stop until you know your bus is on it's way!

We want to hear from you!

If you've got a minute or two, we'd really appreciate it if you too can tell us how we’re doing. We're working hard to give you the best bus service possible, so let us know what we're doing well or if there's something not quite right.

Although we won’t be able to send you a personal response, rest assured we’ll read all your comments. Your views really matter, so please complete the form and share the good, and the not so good stuff - we’re all ears.