Contactless payments are more secure than carrying cash for several reasons:

The information on your card is protected with secure Chip and PIN technology. Data transmitted during transactions is encrypted and protected with a digital signature that is much harder to forge than a handwritten one.

If your card is lost or stolen, you’re protected against unauthorised payments provided you inform your bank as soon as you realise it’s gone. Your card will be blocked immediately.

If your card does fall into the wrong hands, the maximum amount per transaction is £45, and after repeated payments, the person will be asked for a PIN. For payments over £45, authorisation is required, so nobody can make purchases without your PIN or device passcode.

Each time your contactless device interacts with a payments terminal, it generates a one-time-only electronic signature and cryptogram, making it just as secure as a normal Chip transaction.

Your bank may notice unusual spending patterns or locations and request a Chip and PIN transaction.

Express Mode for Apple Pay is entirely secure, but we understand that paying without authentication is not for everyone. We encourage you to use Express Mode as it helps you boarding the bus quicker, however you can still pay with Apple Pay using Face ID, Touch ID or passcode.

To turn off Express Mode, you should take the following steps:

Navigate to Settings on your devices
Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay
Tap Express Travel Card
Select “None” or “Off”
Disabling this mode will not stop Apple Pay from working as normal on the bus.

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