igo Everywhere for less

Aged between 11 and 16?

If you're aged between 11 and 16, and you live or go to school in Greater Manchester, you can apply to get an igo pass. The pass allows you to travel at a reduced fare on our buses. It's available for £10 from TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester). You can find out more about the pass, and apply to get one on the TfGM website.

You must carry your pass with you on all journeys and show the bus driver when requesting your ticket. Our drivers won't be able to sell you a reduced rate ticket if you don't have a valid igo pass with you.

Ticket sharing

Ticket sharing is now available on our First Bus App. Buy a child ticket on your phone and transfer it to your child's phone.

Our Pass

The scheme for young people aged 16-18 to helps them easily access work, leisure, training and education throughout Greater Manchester. The pass entitles holders to free travel on local bus services across Greater Manchester and they can also buy off-peak 1-day and weekend travelcards for the tram (Metrolink) at half adult prices.

If you live in Greater Manchester, you can find out if you’re eligible and apply for Our Pass at the ourpass.co.uk website.

Our Pass is both an ID card and a smart card, which means you can link your card to a get me there account, buy a ticket online, store it on your card and use the smart readers when you travel.

Use your get me there account to buy:

  • Discounted off-peak 1-day or weekend Metrolink travelcards - 50% off adult prices
  • Adult Metrolink tickets

Using Our Pass to travel:

  • Touch-in at the smart reader before boarding a tram or at the ticket machine as you board a bus
  • Touch-out at the smart reader when you finish your journey by tram
  • You don’t need to touch-out when traveling by bus

The smart readers on tram stops now accept contactless cards and devices for travel. Please move your smart card away from your payment cards, when you use a smart reader. For example, if you keep your card in a wallet or purse, remove it before you touch-in and touch-out. This will make sure you’re not charged on a contactless card you didn’t intend to use.