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Children Aged 5-11

No ID required - just purchase your ticket from the driver or using our First Bus App.

Zoom under 16 Travel Pass

From your 11th birthday, you'll need a Zoom Under 16 Travel Pass. The MegaTravel pass was replaced by the Zoom Under 16 pass, from 21 August 2021. If your MegaTravel pass has not expired, it's still valid until it reaches the expiration date.

Zoom 16-18 Travel Pass

If you're aged 16-18 you'll need to apply for a Zoom 16-18 Travel Pass, which replaced the 16-18 Travel Pass. If you still have a 16-18 Travel Pass that has not expired, it will remain valid until it reaches the expiration date.

Children's Ticket Prices

If you fall into any of the above categories, you can access the following discounted prices on all our regular bus services throughout South Yorkshire.

Everything is valid throughout South Yorkshire, so everyone pays the same price and there’s no messing about working out where your ticket is valid.

You can choose between tickets valid just on First buses or all buses in South Yorkshire with a ‘GetAbout’ ticket.

First bus


Where to buy



App* / on board




App / on board



£9 (£10 on board)

App / on board





If you’re only making 2 trips a day your best option is 2 single tickets.  For more journeys, weekly and 4weekly tickets are the best value – if you use our 4weekly ticket for 20 days that’s just £1.50 a day.

Someone else buying for you? On our app, Young Person tickets are giftable >> meaning another app user can buy and send to your phone.

*holders of a Zoom beyond pass for 18-21 year olds can get £1.50 single tickets, but not the other offers. Your can access a range of TravelMaster products here >>

**you can buy a pack of 10 single trips on the app to use when you need them