Buy Tickets

Process for booking tickets via M Ticket app

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1. Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the First Bus App.

2. On the bottom of the first screen select mTickets then Buy.

3. Next screen asks you to select a region choose Leeds

4. Select the Leeds Festival option which is second in the list.

5. The next screen then brings up the tickets available and the cost (per person) select the appropriate option required.

6. On the next screen insert the number of passenger tickets required and go to checkout.  

7. You then have to Create an Account or sign in if an you are an existing account holder (which you would be if having bought any First bus tickets previously).

8. Next choose Payment Method inserting your card details – PayPal / Credit or Debit Card / Google Pay are the options available.

9. After entering the card details the ticket then is transferred to your Wallet where it will remain until activated on the day of travel.

10. An email confirmation is automatically sent out confirming the ticket(s) purchase.


For period returns purchase 2 x singles and activate each one on the day of travel

Type Conditions Cost
Single Single trip to or from the festival £6.50
Day Return Day return to and from the festival £12.00
Carnet Unlimited travel to and from the festival £26.00