Leeds Clean Air Agenda

Improving the air that we breathe in Leeds is a big priority. We can’t always see it, but air pollution has a detrimental effect on our health and our environment. Leeds’ air is cleaner than ever and meets the national standards for air quality, but there are no truly ‘safe’ levels of air pollution. It is therefore important that we all take action to keep our air clean and continue to improve air quality. The Leeds City transport network are focused on reducing emissions, through reducing congestion on the roads. So, more people using buses and fewer cars on the roads must be good news!

Did you know? Living car-free saves an average of 2.04 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per person annually!

Leeds - Let’s Lead the way!

Our output will be great for Leeds!

With transport being one of the biggest sources of emissions in Leeds City Centre, we’re committed to reducing our vehicle emissions to improve air quality in Leeds. 

We’re delighted to have delivered both ultra-low emissions & 100% electric vehicles to Leeds in the last several years.

On route to a greener Leeds! What First Leeds have done so far...

  • 2017 - Delivered over 150 Euro V1 low emissions buses to Leeds
  • 2018 - Ultra-low emission, hybrid-electric buses introduced on Elland Road & Temple Green Park & Ride Services 
  • 2020 - New fully electric Yutong E10 vehicles arrived in Leeds

Our Leedscity Euro V1 buses:

  • Our Leedscity buses fitted with Euro V1 engines produce up to eight times less Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions

Our Leedscity electric buses:

  • Our fleet of nine electric buses will save more than 400 tonnes of carbon per year on Route 5! That’s 45 tonnes of carbon per vehicle each year we’ll save (compared to diesel vehicles)
  • They can save you 4kg of carbon compared to driving the same distance by car
  • They have a range of 200 miles on a single charge overnight, enabling the buses to operate all day without recharging
  • Fitted with the BusEYE system of early warning features, to improve road saftey with other vehicles and alert pedestrians
  • To find out more about these buses click here.

What else is happening in Leeds?

Some exciting changes that have happened in Leeds so far are:

  • x3 P&R hubs at Elland Road, Stourton and Temple Green, with over 10 million journeys already made. These have removed more than 9,000 cars from city centre roads every week
  • Improved bus lanes in Leeds city centre
  • New cycle facilities in Leeds city centre

Our output will be great for Leeds!

We’re extremely proud of the relationships we have forged in the Leeds region, and we are well on our way to achieving our Zero Emission Mission by 2035!