Due to the snow and icy conditions, several of our services are experiencing some disruption. 

Please find information on the services disrupted here.

Keep informed

Throughout the days when we experience severe weather conditions, we will keep you informed of any service disruptions and road closures, via:

Twitter - @FirstWestYorks
Metro West Yorkshire 

Take care when out and about!

Wet and icy conditions can cause surfaces to become slippery so please watch your step when boarding and alighting buses.

Plan your journey

In adverse conditions, it may not be possible to serve some of the small residential roads or areas which are hilly. We would advise walking to pick up your bus service from a main road, where it is more likely we will be running. The Real Time Information should be used as a guide, but may not be accurate in extreme weather conditions if a service has been diverted or is only running via main roads.

Please check the forecast before travelling and be aware that our levels of service may change throughout the day due to changing conditions. For example, this could mean that even if we got you to your destination, we may not be able to run the return journey later in the day if conditions were to deteriorate.

Allow extra time for your journey

In extreme weather, there may be road closures or diversions due to wintery conditions. We may also need to travel at a slower speed so allow plenty of time for your journey and getting to and from the bus stop.

Wrap up warm!

Wear appropriate outdoor clothing which is clearly visible, gloves, hats, scarves, and waterproof footwear.

Stay in touch

Let someone know where you're going and how long you think you'll be out. Where possible, ensure your mobile phone is fully charged and you have important numbers stored in case you need to contact them.

Download our free App

Available on iPhone and Android, this will keep you up to date with service information whilst you're on the move. Just search First Bus.

Please be patient

Our drivers are working hard to reach you and continue their services in these conditions - please be patient with them and our other team members, such as customer service.