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EqualEngineers Pathways Programme

Challenges with diversity and inclusion within the engineering and technology sector are not just being faced by those working in the industry, but are prominent among engineering students who are part of underrepresented groups with protected characteristics. Students from diverse backgrounds face additional challenges in securing graduate employment in engineering

The @EqualEngineers Pathways Programme is an exciting new solution being launched to support engineering students from underrepresented groups find employment. The Pathways Programme will provide them with valuable support during their studies.

First Bus are delighted to be supporting EqualEngineers with this initiative, and look forward to working with them on improving the lives of underrepresented students. Supporting the necessity to improve the employability opportunities of students from diverse backgrounds, and strive to impact First Bus's inclusive culture.

Ian Warr, Director of Engineering, First Bus:
"We are delighted that First Bus is a founding sponsor of EqualEngineers’ Pathways Programme. Our teams, like the wonderfully diverse communities and customers that we serve, thrive when there's a rich mix of backgrounds, experiences and skills. By supporting EqualEngineers, we can help to ensure that students from underrepresented backgrounds have a greater chance of finding rewarding employment once they graduate; increasing vital diversity within the engineering workforce of tomorrow."

Statistics about student diversity in engineering:

  • Six months after graduation only 39% of students from ethnic minority backgrounds, who are in employment, are working in engineering roles, compared to 57% of their white counterparts. (Higher Education Statistics Agency) 
  • 34.7% of female graduates of engineering and technology degrees are not employed within the industry after 6 months, in comparison to 28.5% of graduates. (2018, State of Engineering, EngineeringUK)
  • Only 12.4% of all engineers in the UK are women, in comparison to 46.9% of the UK workforce comprising of women. (2018, State of Engineering, EngineeringUK) 
  • LGBT+ students are more likely to stop studying STEM degrees than straight students. (Bryce E. Hughes)
  • 14.5% of all UK students have a known disability (Higher Education Statistics Agency), and it is unknown what the reported statistic for the statistics in industry due to a lack of wider data collection. 

The EqualEngineers Pathways Programme presents a 12-month programme to run alongside the academic year. Key elements of this include:

  • In-person careers insights and employability workshop sessions.
  • Online programme supporting students on work readiness, emotional intelligence, employability, and interpersonal skills development.
  • Mentoring programme pairing-up engineers from industry with engineering students.
  • Work experience, placement, internship and graduate opportunities from engineering and technology partner organisations.

Outcomes for Students:

  1. Improved understanding of what it means to work in engineering
  2. Accessing more opportunities
  3. Improved sense of inclusion and belonging
  4. Employment and placements in engineering sector

Outcomes for Engineering Organisations:

  1. Diversity strategy invigorated through large-scale positive action
  2. Increased awareness of diversity within the organisation
  3. Greater awareness of diverse talent pool, with recruitment options
  4. Raise profile amongst students and secure more applications

For more information, click here:

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